GHS Announces Limited Edition Infinity Steel Bass Strings

GHS Limited Edition Infinity Steels Bass StringGHS Strings has unveiled the Limited Edition Infinity Steels, a set of coated roundwound strings for bass. The set revisits their Infinity Steels with updates for modern players.

Each string is coated using a process called MST, or Metal Surface Treatment, that coats the outer wires, which are then wrapped around the core. GHS also tweaked the core to cover ratio while giving each string a tapered end. They come in Light, Medium Light, and Medium gauges for four-string basses and Medium Light for 5-string.

GHS’s Limited Edition Infinity Steels will be available soon in limited supply and only while stocks last. They will carry retail prices of $30 for four-string sets and $35 for five-string sets.

GHS Limited Edition Infinity Steels Bass String Gauges:

5ML-ISB:44-63-80-102-126 (5-String)

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