TWA Now Shipping WR-3 Wah Rocker Pedal

TWA WR-3 Wah Rocker PedalTWA is now shipping the WR-3 Wah Rocker, a pedal based on the discontinued Guyatone Wah Rocker. While the pedal retains the original’s Threshold and Decay controls, it also brings a host of updates.

Foremost for bassists, the WR-3 includes the circuitry from the Bottom Wah Rocker for extra low end. It’s activated via the Guitar/Bass switch. It also has a Blend Control for retaining your the bottom end of your signal. Other controls include a Gain knob for output and a Range knob for adjusting the frequency band for the filter.

The TWA Wah Rocker utilizes the company’s S3 “Shortest Send Switching,” which is a form of true bypass that uses electronic relays combined with a mechanical switch. It’s available now for $189.

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TWA WR-3 Wah Rocker Pedal Details:

Controls:Gain, Threshold, Decay, Range, Blend, Bass/Guitar
Switching:S3 “Shortest Send Switching”

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