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Groove – Episode #17: Tony Levin

Tony Levin

Tony Levin is a bass specialist. Pure, simple and rhythmic. Bass players know how hard it is to find one’s voice. Levin has not only found his voice, but a very distinct sound, playing style and groove, whether he’s playing electric, upright or the Chapman Stick. It would be easy to lump him into the progressive rock genre (consider his work with King Crimson Peter Gabriel, and Pink Floyd), but digging deeper into his discography (over 500 albums that include everyone from Cher and John Lennon to Carly Simon and Seal), you will uncover a true artist.

It’s not just music. Tony started blogging (before it was even called that) in 1996, he writes books, is an avid photographer and more.

Levin turns 70 years old this year, and he’s busier than ever. His Levin Brothers band (a duo featuring him and Pete – his brother) is still active, Stick Men is just finishing up a club tour, he will hit the road next month with Peter Gabriel and Sting, and then cap off the year with some additional King Crimson dates. Recording, writing, taking pictures, touring and more creative output.

Levin – a legend in the bass space – does not want to slow down. Enjoy the conversation…

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David Meyer

David Meyer

An excellent interview…been listening to Mr Levin since the early 80s and was always inspired by him.

Randy Clere

Randy Clere

I have listened to hundreds of interviews with TLev, and this is THE BEST interview that has EVER been done with Tony! Great, intelligent and intimate questions. And the interviewer listens and interacts with Tony with respect and intelligence!


glad to find your website



gran musico , ha sido una de mis heroes desde niño