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Tsakalis Audioworks Announces Ocean Reverb Pedal

Tsakalis Audioworks Ocean Reverb PedalGreek effects company Tsakalis Audioworks has unveiled the Ocean reverb. The pedal dishes out three reverb modes – Shimmer, Hall, and Spring – with four knobs to control each palette.

The Mix control allows for blending in your dry signal to the wet with the ability to have 100% wet or dry by on either side. Size, Diffuse, and Storm knobs control the parameter of each reverb type.

“Hall mode (HL) is a reverb type that can move your signal from a small sized echoed room to a haunting long caved hall. Ambient sounds with infinitive echoes can produce here,” Tsakalis writes. “Shimmer mode (SH) is a reverb type that can move your signal from a classic hall reverb to a symphonic almost infinitive reverb with pads and overtones. Spring mode (SP) is a classic spring reverb that mimics the vintage character and grit of the spring reverb tanks. It can move your signal from a short echo surf reverbs to long splashy sounds.”

Get a taste of each effect on bass with this demo by Panayiotis Bourazanis:

The Tsakalis Audioworks Ocean Reverb will be available soon with a street price around $250.

Tsakalis Audioworks Ocean Reverb Pedal Specs:

100% Handmade
Tube Amp Style Hand Wiring (TASHW)
True Bypass
3 types of studio quality reverb
1 Heavy Duty Footswitch for enable / disable the pedal
Power supply: regulated 9-12V DC (center -)
Max power consumption: 56mA @ 9V DC
Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box
Dimensions: 112mm (Width) x 60mm (Depth) x 31mm (Height)

For more information:
Tsakalis Audioworks