David Piggott and Kayla Malik: Fix You

David Piggott teaches music at his studio, Piggott Music. One of his students is Kayla Malik.

They recently recorded their own bass and vocals arrangement of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. David said this was the first time he heard Kayla sing.

“Because everyone has lost something in their life… I hope you enjoy this [arrangement],” David shared.

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  1. Johnie

    Amazing as usual Señor Piggott.

  2. Meredith

    This is beauty. Do you have a buy or download option?

  3. MikeyOnBass

    A very nice piece of bass and vocal goodness !

  4. Steven Allen

    David, the Muck sounds great in your hands, as usual. Kayla’s voice is spot on. Beautiful!

  5. Juzn

    Very good playing and singing. Beauiful song, too.