Sonic Nuance Electronics Introduces the TDI Mk2

Sonic Nuance TDI Mk2 Direct BoxSonic Nuance has introduced the TDI Mk2, a direct box that combines tuner and DI functions. The new pedal retains the signal path from the Mk1 version but has a more accurate and stable tuning section, the company says.

At the heart of the TDI is a passive Jensen JT-DBE transformer. The chromatic tuner is phantom powered and fully operational even with a true lift between the XLR’s pin 1 and ground. Sonic Nuance says the frequency response of the pedal is 20Hz to 20kHz, allowing the tuner to respond to a low B string with ease. A footswitch allows for mute functionality.

The Sonic Nuance is hand assembled, designed and tested in the USA. It’s available now with a MSRP of $350 and a special introductory price of $330.

Sonic Nuance TDI Mk2 Direct Box Specs:

Passive Jensen transformer based direct box with phantom powered chromatic instrument tuner and mute functionality.
Frequency response better than 20Hz-20kHz (well below a low B string and higher than 12th fret of a guitar).
Tuner responds to a low B and below with ease.
More accurate and stable tuning (+/-1cent min) than Mk1.
Signal path 100% analog.
Be able to change the battery in your instrument while your channel is active using the mute
Signal path physically disconnected from the tuner during play mode.
XLR and 1/4 inch outputs are muted during tuning operation.
Direct box and mute functions operate with or without phantom power.
Hand assembled, designed and tested in the USA with the highest quality components and construction techniques.
Patent pending technology

For more information:
Sonic Nuance Electronics

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  1. Thanks NoTreble for posting this. I just wanted to emphasize that there is no need for batteries or a power supply with this. My design goal was to make a unit that allowed my sound to go through unaltered (hence the Jensen transformer) and in tune while NOT needing batteries or a wall wart. It turned out to be a challenge!

  2. Steve

    Wouldn’t mind combining my tuner/mute and DI. But ll it sound as nice as my JDIo