Bass of the Week: Jersey Girls Goose Bordeaux

Jersey Girls Homemade Guitars Goose Bordeaux Bass

This week we’re checking out a Goose bass by Jersey Girls Homemade Guitars. This particular bass – built by the team of luthiers Kaz G, Akiko Oda and Eiko Goto – is called the Bordeaux for the lovely wine colored finish over its light ash body.

Its hard maple neck is topped by a fingerboard made from Karin, also known as Burmese rosewood. The P/J pickup configuration is housed under a lighter wood to make a beautiful contrast. Each pickup has a separate volume. The Bordeaux is also fitted with an active 2-band preamp featuring bass and treble controls.

Jersey Girls Homemade Guitars Goose Bordeaux Bass Specs:

Body:Light Ash
Neck:Hard Maple
Pickups:JGHG P/J
Electronics:Active 2-band
Controls:Vol/Vol/Treble/Bass, Active/Passive switch

For more information, check out the Jersey Girls website.

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