Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – Billy Sheehan

Stuart Clayton is working on a major update of his book, Giants of Bass. One of the bass giants he’s featuring is Billy Sheehan, who has done a lot in his career since the first version of the book.

In this video, Stuart explains the update and the story behind this new track for the book.

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  1. Mark S Beretta

    Stuart that sounded great , my bass is the same color but a Fender Jazz , I changed the white pickguard to pearloid it looks good. I can’t play that fast , maybe some day.
    I have a question about my string post. Mine are tapered not flat like yours , when applying new strings I try to lay the strings flat against the round washer but beings though my string post are tapered the string slips upward to the middle of the string post on all strings , I can make 3 winds with the A , D and G string but if I make more than 2 winds on the E string it will overlap itself.
    Is 2 wind’s enough , it seems I’m always needing to retune the E string every day , the A string every other day. Maybe I need flat string post but this bass is a 2014.
    How long does it take before you’re no longer considered a rookie like me with 4 years experience.
    Thanks for the video ‘

  2. MikeyOnBass

    Awesome play along video Stuart. You nailed the parts and Billy’s tone. Job well done Sir!

  3. Brian Carney

    All that’s missing is a wristband…

  4. Richard Raine

    Fantastic Stuart – you got the Billy style and tone off to a tee.