Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus Team Up for Greyfly Pedal

Fuzzrocious/Electro-Faustus Greyfly Pedal

Fuzzrocious Effects has teamed up with Electro-Faustus to create a unique “noisemaker” called the Greyfly. The pedal combines the Fuzzrocious Grey Stache fuzz with the Electro-Faustus Blackfly spring-activated noise generator for a whole new pedal experience.

The Greyfly can be used on its own with three springs that can be plucked, scraped, and twanged to create your signal, which is then fed into the fuzz circuit. It has a SWAT killswitch for further experimentation. The two sides of the pedal are switched via the Fuzz/Buzz switch, allowing to play your bass or guitar through the Grey Stache portion. It also has a bypass footswitch to run your instrument’s clean signal into your amp.

The Fuzzrocious/Electro-Faustus Greyfly Pedal is shipping now with a direct price of $300.

Fuzzrocious/Electro-Faustus Greyfly Pedal Features:

Three springs that can be plucked, scraped, and twanged picked up by piezo mic or driving a Grey Stache fuzz circuit
Handmade by Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus
Bypass and combine either effect (Grey Stache can still be used with instrument input)
Versatile fuzz circuit with adjustable mids to keep on present in a mix

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