Advanced Bass: Increasing Technical Development

Playing with good time, develop sensitive dynamics, produce a solid tone and have the confidence to express interesting musical ideas on your bass is essential. It only makes common sense that developing a deeper bass guitar specific technical understanding and prowess is the essential path as an improvising bass player.

In this lesson, we will cover some ground to gain a deeper understanding and increasing your technical facility, while being able to relate to what you are playing melodically over the given chords.

Follow along with this transcription and video.

London based bass player Joe Hubbard’s professional background is represented by a collective body of experience that spans over more than three decades as an internationally acclaimed bass guitarist, teacher/clinician and contemporary jazz fusion recording artist. For more, visit

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  1. Hey Master Joe (yu PRANNY)great lesson can you give me some tips wid playin Reggae MON! I hav a gig wid Bob Marley comin up n my problem is de odder musicians n fans tell me I always play in de ONE!! N I am pissed !!!HELP Rass Mon any idea to make me great like you ? I would be chuffed mi ole China nuff respect n big ??Philly DE BLACKHED CHINEY from ????

  2. Mark S B.

    Joe you gave me a case of the Rookie Blues.

  3. Daniel

    Hi Joe,

    thanks for the lesson. Am I getting it right, this lick could be played on a sequence of Cmaj7 Chords rising in half steps?

    • To be more precise- this exercise outlines Maj7th chord shapes moving up and down in half steps. Hope that helps- Joe