Peter Erskine Trio Box Set of 1990s Work Released

Peter Erskine Trio: As It WasThe four albums released by the Peter Erskine Trio between 1992 and 1997 are now available as a box set, As It Was, through ECM’s Old and New Masters Series.

The trio featured drummer/leader Erskine, Swedish double bassist Palle Danielsson (known for his 1970s-era work with Kieth Jarrett) and British pianist John Taylor, who was also the trio’s primary composer.

The set features the albums, You Never Know, As It Is, Time Being and Juni.

“Without trying to be, we were a truly unique group. I’ve heard nothing like it before or since,” Erskine said.

As It Was is available as a four-CD set and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

As It Was Track List:

  1. New Old Age
  2. Clapperclowe
  3. On The Lake
  4. Amber Waves
  5. She Never Has A Window
  6. Evans Above
  7. Pure & Simple
  8. Heart Game
  9. Everything I Love
  10. Terraces
  11. For The Time Being
  12. If Only I Had Known
  13. Evansong
  14. Page 172
  15. Liten visa till Karin
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Ambleside
  18. Phrase One
  19. Palle’s Headache
  20. Pieds-en-l’air
  21. Glebe Ascending
  22. The Lady In The Lake
  23. Episode
  24. Woodcocks
  25. Esperança
  26. Touch Her Soft Lips And Part
  27. Au contraire
  28. For Ruth
  29. Romeo & Juliet
  30. Prelude No. 2
  31. Windfall
  32. For Jan
  33. The Ant & The Elk
  34. Siri
  35. Fable
  36. Twelve
  37. Namasti

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