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Q-Tuner Unveils Transparent Q2.0 Pickups

Q-Tuner has announced a small-scale production of transparent versions of their neodymium q2.0 bass pickups. Each unit will be one of a kind and made to order. As such, the pickups can be fine-tuned in terms of output, dynamic response and frequency range, the company says.

The new models, which will be available later this year, will act as a litmus test for further transparent pickups. “Since the introduction of the neodymium Q2.0 black pickups, we’ve had quite a few requests to for the transparent look,” Q-Tuner shared. “Now we’ve made a couple of prototypes starting with a model for 5 string bass/8 string guitar and we would like to hear your opinion… If the demand is high enough, we would love to invest in other models and make the new Q-tuner q2.0 available for everyone.”

The first version will be available only for 5-string bass and will carry a street price of $199.

Q-Tuner Transparent Q2.0 Pickups Details:

Small-Scale Production
Neodymium Magnet
For 5-String Bass
Custom Output, Dynamic Response, Frequency Range Parameters