Cody Wright & Igor Galecki: Bass & Drum Ultra Funk

Cody Wright has been busy working on his solo debut album, A Bass Only a Mother Could Love!, which is scheduled to release soon through Ropeadope Records.

Here’s “Bass & Drum Ultra Funk”, a tune featuring some nifty bass work by Cody who is joined by 14 year old drummer Igor Galecki. Cody calls Igor a “drum wizard” and says he “destroys this track”.

We agree. And we’re blown away.

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  1. steven smith

    love this funk! man, 14 years old? too much funk for that young fella. he’ll explode when he turns 18! ;-)

    • paul lucero

      Check out the young prodigy from the age of 4 until now! 5 yrs old, 7 yrs old….. an incredible kid!
      He was was taught some things, at an earlier age, by Dave Girabaldi!
      Hanging behind his drum kit (in the video), is the ‘Happy Birthday Igor’ autographed drumhead by Dave!…….
      Check this kid out! He’ll make you a fan!

  2. Mark S Beretta

    Cody nice bass , nice cap , when I was 14 classmates and myself played drums using pencils on lunch kits seeing who could play wipeout the fastest , I always lost so I thought I’d play bass , with a pick too.

  3. MikeyOnBass

    Cool-Hand Cody, sounding cool again. The youngster on drums is VERY impressive. Solid, with a bit of spice. I DIG!