Fender Introduces Mobile Tuning App

Fender Tuner app screenFender has gotten into the mobile tuner game with Fender Tune, a free iOS guitar and bass tuner app. The app has auto tune and manual tune features as well as a chromatic mode for tuning flexibility. It has 20 pre-set tuning options plus the ability to dial in and save custom tunings.

Besides being a tuner, the app is aimed at new players with beginner tips. “Fender Tune is the first in a suite of products we are creating that will enable players of all levels to evolve their skill sets, bridging our physical products with innovative digital assets,” said Fender Digital Chief Product Officer Ethan Kaplan. “We are creating an entire ecosystem, a connected series of applications for players to make them play better, make it easier and more fun, connect them with other players and ultimately celebrate what it means to be a player.”

Fender Tune is free and available now for download via iTunes.

Fender Tune Mobile Tuning App Details:

Clear Interface, Accurate Technology
Auto Tune
Manual Tune
Chromatic Mode
Tuning Variety
Custom Tunings
Beginner Tips

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  1. Zebass

    Why only for IOS?? and not Android??

  2. S.G. Nightingale