Darkglass Electronics Launches Microtubes 900 Bass Amp

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 Bass Amp

After showing a prototype at the NAMM Show this year, Darkglass Electronics is now shipping their first bass amplifier. The Microtubes 900 offers several upgrades from the prototype including extra power and an intuitive footswitch.

Its design includes an all-analog preamplifier matched to a Class D Power module that dishes out 900 watts. Darkglass explains that the amp has an unusual control layout. The clean section, which is the foundation of your tone, is controlled on the right side of the amp. It has Gain and Master controls with a four-band EQ complete with Low Mids and Hi Mids controls, each knob with their own 3-way frequency switch.

The Left side controls the Microtubes Engine, which they say “acts as an extra channel… to help cut through the mix while adding anything from subtle tube break up, harmonics and natural compression to obliterating distortion.” It has Drive, Tone, Level, and Blend controls for dialing in your tone. A switch selects between two overdrive voicings found in their Microtubes B3K and Vintage Microtubes effects pedals. “B3K mode will deliver an aggressive, percussive sound while the VMT will bring up the mids for a warmer, more neutral character,” Darkglass explains.

The overdrive section can be bypassed by a front panel switch or the Intelligent Footswitch. A single tap will engage or disengage the Microtubes Engine, while holding for three seconds will mute the amplifier. The amp’s rear section has a balanced direct output with Post-Pre and Ground Lift switches. The power section’s standard mode will deliver 900W RMS at 4?/500W at 8?. If you select the 2? Mode via the rear panel switch the amplifier will deliver 900W at 2?/500W at 4? and 350W at 8?.

The Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 is shipping now with a street price of $999.99.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 Bass Amp Details:

Power: 900 Watts
4-band EQ with Low/Hi Mids and 3-way Frequency Switches
Passive/Active Input Switch
Microtubes Engine Section
B3K or VMT Overdrive Voicings
Intelligent Footswitch
Speakon Combo Jack Output
Preamp Out
Power Amp In
Balanced Output with Post-Pre, Ground Lift

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