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Filmmakers Announce “Darryl Jones: Like a Rolling Stone” Documentary

Darryl Jones

Filmmakers Eric Hamburg and Rick English have announced a project called Darryl Jones: Like a Rolling Stone. The documentary will focus on the bass legend’s career as well as follow him during the making of his debut solo album. Jones has played with Sting, Miles Davis, Madonna, and more, though he is currently best known as bassist for the Rolling Stones. He gained the role in 1993 following Bill Wyman.

“[Jones] is cool, calm, unflappable, but rock solid, both as a player and a person, always watching, listening and learning,” the documentary’s summary reads. “His keen intelligence informs everything that he does. He is also a teacher and a mentor to young musicians.”

Hamburg and English have already filmed interviewed Rolling Stones members Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts along with other key players. This won’t be your standard Rolling Stones movie, though.

“Many films have been made about the Stones, but none from this kind of unique insider’s perspective,” they write. “The film is somewhat comparable to the Oscar winning ‘Twenty Feet from Stardom’, with a bit of ‘Gimme Shelter’ as well. The film is made with the complete cooperation of Darryl Jones. It is the story of his musical career, but will also document the making of Darryl’s first solo album, which is now in the works.”

An crowdfunding campaign has been set up on IndieGoGo, allowing fans to support the film while receiving unique perks in return. Supporters will get rewards ranging from one of Jones’s picks to or a signed photo all the way up to a jam session with the bassist himself or Executive Producer credits.

A release date for the film has yet to be announced.

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