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Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (September 2016)

Here’s a great way to spend your evening (or afternoon, or morning): browsing through the top 10 most watched bass videos for the month.

Thanks as always for watching, commenting and sharing.

Octavision: Three Lives

1. Octavision: Three Lives

Victor Wooten made an appearance with the progressive metal band, Octavision on their single, “Three Lives”. If you’ve ever wondered what Vic would sound like in a metal band, the wait is now over…

Michael Manring Playing Two Basses at Once

2. Michael Manring Playing Two Basses at Once

I’m convinced Michael Manring’s brain works differently than everyone else’s. In 1991, Manring was featured on a TV program about his playing and compositions. In this clip, he explains his thought process on playing two basses at once before he demonstrates in spectacular fashion…

Ghost-Note: Can’t Get Right

3. Ghost-Note: Can’t Get Right

Drummer Robert “Sput” Searight and percussionist Nate Werth are already in a killer band (Snarky Puppy). Seems like that isn’t enough for them, so they created another – Ghost-Note. For Ghost-Note, Searight and Werth teamed up with bassist MonoNeon, second drummer Alvin Ford Jr., xylosynth player Nick Werth and saxophonist/flautist Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II…

Vahagn Stepanyan: One Day

4. Vahagn Stepanyan: One Day

I discovered Vahagn Stepanyan’s video on Facebook, and I really dig what he’s doing. This is Vahagn’s original tune, “One Day”, which features a nice groove, terrific musicianship and great tone…

Nathan Navarro: Star Wars

5. Nathan Navarro: Star Wars

Nathan Navarro has been bringing it with the nostalgia lately. His last video was a sick playthrough with the original Super Mario Brothers video game. Now he’s back with an all bass rendition of music from Star Wars…

Aaron Gibson: Full Dark

6. Aaron Gibson: Full Dark

It has been a while since we were able to share a video by Aaron Gibson. Thankfully, there’s a new one out, and once again, it is stellar. Aaron is working on a new album, which he’s crowdfunding on Kickstarter. ”Full Dark” is one of the tracks…

Adrian Belew Power Trio: Dinosaur

7. Adrian Belew Power Trio: Dinosaur

Our first ever interview (way back in 2009) was with Julie Slick, after seeing a video with her performing in the Adrian Belew Power Trio. Here’s a clip from their 2008 performance of Rockpalast. The tune is “Dinosaur”, and the bass tone is flat out killer…

Marcus Miller Band: Tutu & Blast (Live)

8. Marcus Miller Band: Tutu & Blast (Live)

Back in April, Marcus Miller and his band took the stage at Olympia Hall (L’Olympia) in Paris. Among the tunes they performed were “Tutu” and “Blast”. Thankfully, cameras were rolling…

Franklin Peredo: The Mystery Of The Flaptopus

9. Franklin Peredo: The Mystery Of The Flaptopus

Franklin Peredo is back with another mind-bending bass tune. “The Mystery of the Flaptopus” features a creative groove and other-worldly effects to evoke a sense of wonder in musical form. Watching Peredo’s insane bass playing will evoke a sense of wonder, too…

Ehud Ettun Trio: Funk

10. Ehud Ettun Trio: Funk

I like hearing funky upright bass, and Ehud Ettun brings a jazz flavor to it on this song aptly entitled “Funk”. Ettun is joined by Daniel Schwarzwald, who wrote the tune, on piano and Nathan Blankett on drums. Check the bass solo at 4:15…

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