Iron Ether Introduces Divaricator Bass Pedal

Iron Ether Divaricator Bass PedalEffects pedal company Iron Ether Electronics has announced the Divaricator, a crossover and exciter pedal for bass that they call a “tone toolbox” for bassists. The pedal, which also includes an effects loop, splits your signal up to process it.

“Using its 4th-order variable crossover, the pedal splits a signal into high and low frequency bands, and processes the high frequency band with any combination of three “exciters” – each enhancing a different aspect of the sound – before sending this enhanced harmonic content through an external effects loop,” the company shared. “To tame the potential for enhancing high frequency noise along with the signal, a noise gate is applied to the excited signal path. The low frequencies are passed through directly, to preserve the bass frequencies without introducing muddiness, booming, or cancellation.”

The pedal is very flexible in its controls. Threshold sets the level that engages the noise gate, while the X-Over knob for setting the crossover frequency. Tone can be tweaked with the Clean signal knob, a Low frequency knob, and a Hi/Loop knob that controls the level of the high frequencies, which are processed by the exciter and optionally routed through the external effects loop. The Excite knob controls the level of excitation for three separate Exciter switches: Growl, Harm, and Density. Growl generates extra harmonics like a distortion, Harm generates octave up harmonics, and Density is a “multi-layer” exciter for thickening your sound.

Iron Ether goes on to say that the Divaricator can also be used to split low frequencies to a bass amp and highs to a guitar amp or to insert other effects into your chain that normally suck your tone. The Exp/Loop jack can function as an effects loop for the high frequency band, an expression pedal input, or a frequency splitter.

The Iron Ether Electronics Divaricator was designed in collaboration with engineer Don Stavely. It’s available now for $235.

Iron Ether Electronics Divaricator Details:

Controls:Threshold, Excite, X-Over, Clean, Low, Hi/Loop
Exciters:Growl, Harm, Density
Exp/Loop:Multi-Function Jack
Components:Low-noise, Low-distortion
Dimensions:4.7″ x 2.5″
Power:9 volt DC center-negative power supply. 85mA current draw.
Switching:Relay-based True Bypass

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