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J. Rockett Audio Designs Releases SOS Buffer Pedal

J. Audio Rockett Designs SOS Buffer PedalJ. Rockett Audio Designs has added the SOS Buffer pedal to their Tour Series line. The simple pedal is made for use in conjunction with other pedals to save your tone.

“Buffers balance out your impedance and get the loss of highs back on track, especially with multiple pedals and long cable runs,” the company writes. “The quality of guitar cables can vary so if you’ve ever plugged straight into your amp and then back to your board, you know what I mean.”

The SOS Buffer has a single knob that helps dial in the focus on your high end to make it interact best with your particular fuzz and wah pedals. Other features include top-mounted I/O jacks, 9-volt adapter power, and a compact chassis.

It’s available now with a street price of $79.

J. Audio Rockett Designs SOS Buffer Pedal Features:

SOS Control: subtly adjusts the amount of top end in your signal path to be balanced
I/O jacks at the head of the pedal
9V DC operation with standard – tip and + sleeve
Approximately 2.65″ x 2.65″ in size

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