Burnt Belief, Featuring Colin Edwin, Release “Emergent”

Burnt Belief: EmergentBassist Colin Edwin and guitarist Jon Durant have teamed up once again under the name Burnt Belief to release Emergent, an album they say is inspired by the unspoken and hidden truths behind our daily reality. The experimental duo called upon their prog chops to create an ambient and hypnotically rhythmic experience.

“One of the things that makes Burnt Belief unique in the world of instrumental progressive rock/fusion oriented musics is that we are not at all focused on displays of chops, but rather focus on trying to tell stories through the music,” Durant said. “The title, ‘Emergent’, is a reference to the theory that consciousness is an emergent property of a functioning neurosystem. Colin and I both share a fascination with how the mind works and the ways that hidden processes and background information can subtly influence more obvious conscious thoughts without our being aware of it. Similarly, throughout the album, there are very subtle background elements that have in some way directly informed the bigger picture of the compositions.”

Edwin, who plays fretless and upright bass on the album, says the music brings out those ideas without needing lyrics. “With instrumental music, any meaning is obviously less explicit than when lyrics are present, but as we neared completion of the album, it became apparent to me that the majority of pieces on ‘Emergent’ have elements of unresolved tension or darker moments somewhere below the surface. Something I have noticed more and more is that there are many seemingly straightforward things which, on closer inspection, turn out to be really quite complex and insoluble, and I have started thinking of the album as bringing out the feeling of suddenly seeing more than you expected and having an expanded view coming into focus. This expanded view isn’t necessarily optimistic however, so for me the image of an aggressive looking insect appearing inside a pretty looking flower on the cover is perfect.”

Emergent is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Emergent Track List:

  1. The Bubble Bursts
  2. More Snow
  3. The Confidence of Ignorance
  4. Emergent
  5. Until the Stars Go Out
  6. Language of Movement
  7. Turning Torso
  8. Ghosts Aquatic

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