Colin Edwin Releases “Allusions”

Colin Edwin: AllusionsColin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, O.R.k., Twinscapes) has just released a new album called Allusions, which he describes as “nostalgic lo-fi solo bass processed with reverbs, delay, and echoes.” Though he began experimenting with the sounds earlier this year, the album’s direction certainly fits our current times.

“Inevitably, I can’t do what I usually do and play with other people, so, as fits the current times, I’ve made a series of solo bass recordings,” the bassist explained to us. “I’ve used mostly fretless bass with a looper and lots of FX, especially reverb and delay, but for an extra level of nostalgic hauntology, I processed a lot of the sounds through an ancient 4 track cassette recorder, consequently all hisses, clicks, pops, and noise are entirely intentional.”

Get a taste of the album’s eerie atmosphere in this clip:

Allusions is available now via Bandcamp.

Allusions Track List:

  1. We All Start With Nothing
  2. Cyclic
  3. Implicit
  4. Cyclic 2
  5. Dust Upon Dust
  6. Traces
  7. Maralinga
  8. Final

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