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Zander Zon: Harry Potter Medley

Fans of Zander Zon have been asking for him to take on music from “Harry Potter” and to make it into one of his solo bass arrangements.

He just released a terrific medley from the films.

“I’m actually a very big fan of the books and the films, and I think the music is just fantastic,” he shared. “And not just Hedwig’s Theme; that’s, of course, the most recognizable one, and it’s a classic, but there is so much dark, beautiful, vivid music that came out of these films.”

Here’s the track list for this video:

  • Lily’s Theme [0:00]
  • Obliviate [0:33]
  • Hedwig’s Theme [1:12]
  • Buckbeak’s Flight [1:45]
  • A Window to the Past [2:03]

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