Morley Announces Limited Edition Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah

Morley Chrome Cliff Burton Fuzz WahMorley has announced a new limited edition of the Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah. The pedal, which has independent fuzz and wah effects, will come in a chrome finish similar to the original Tel-Ray Morley model. It will be limited to 500 units with some of those being signed by the late Metallica bassist’s father, Ray Burton.

The mirror finished chrome cold rolled steel chassis will hold the same circuitry as the regular pedal. That includes a wah level control, fuzz level and intensity controls, and a modern/vintage switch for different fuzz voicing.

The Morley Limited Edition Chrome Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah will be built with 250 units in their optical design and 250 in their M2 European version. It will have a street price of $250.

Morley Limited Edition Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Fuzz Wah Pedal Details:

Mirror-Finished Chrome Cold Rolled Steel Chassis
Independent Fuzz/Wah Effects
Wah Level Control
Fuzz Level and Intensity Controls
Modern/Vintage Fuzz Switch
Power: 9V Battery or Adapter

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