Trace Elliot Unveils ELF Micro Bass Amp

Trace Elliot ELF Amp

Trace Elliot is back in a big way in a tiny package. The ELF bass amplifier weighs in at just 1.6 pounds and produces 200 continuous watts RMS at 4 ohms.

Its input section has three regions of operation: uncompressed, variable multiband compression, and overdrive. The three-band EQ section has the company’s proprietary filters with low center (80 Hz), mid center (500 Hz) and high center (4.2 KHz) controls.

The rear panel of the amp has an XLR output with a ground lift switch as well as a headphone output for practice. Furthermore, the ELF ships in a nylon carrying case with an owner’s manual CD-ROM that includes the REAPER DAW and Peavey ReValver amp modeling software.

The Trace Elliot ELF micro bass head is expected to ship in May with a street price around $299.99.

Trace Elliot ELF Amp Features:

Weight: 1.60 lbs
Dimensions: W = 6.75″ (17.1 cm) D = 4.10″ (10.4 cm) H= 1.35″ (3.4cm)
Power: 200W continuous into 4 ohms / 130W continuous into 8 ohms
Wide range input gain control with signal level indicator
3-band rotary equalizer that emulates the response of classic Trace Elliot multi-band graphic EQ filters
Ultra-high preamp input impedance (>10meg ohms) for maximum sensitivity when using passive pickups
Post EQ balanced XLR DI output with ground lift for sending classic Trace Elliot tone to a mixing console or recording device
1/4″ (6.35mm) headphone output for quiet practice

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