DOD Introduces Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal

DOD Rubberneck Analog DelayDOD has announced the Rubberneck Analog Delay, a stompbox that features four bucket brigade chips that allow it to provide over one second of delay. It has a tap tempo footswitch and knobs for modulation, gain, and tone, but the pedal gets its name from its unique Rubberneck feature that lets users pitch shift from one time setting to another in real time.

The Time knob lets you set delay times from 30 ms to 1000 ms with up to 1500 ms of delay time available by using the tap tempo switch. “The transparent rubberneck-rate control pot features a built-in bi-color LED to indicate different operating modes, and lets players control the delay time produced when the footswitch is pressed and held,” the company writes. “The repeats knob controls the number of repeats the pedal will create, from single-note slapbacks to the runaway oscillations analog delays are known for.”

Other unique controls include the tails switch, which lets you choose if the repeats should be heard when bypassing the pedal, and the regen knob, which flashes the current delay time and adjusts the regen/repeat settings of the secondary delay that is enabled by pressing the tempo/regen footswitch.

The DOD Rubberneck will be available in April with a street price of $249.95.

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal Features:

Up to 1.5 Seconds of Analog Delay
Tap Tempo with 3 Tap Ratio selections
Rubbernecking allows “rubber band” stretched delay performance
Modulation Speed and Depth controls
Delay Gain and Tone controls
Regen footswitch provides performance control of repeats
Loop Send/Return inserts effects into delay feedback path
Delay Tails and Dry Signal defeat options
Remote footswitch input for added performance control
True Bypass

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