Earthquaker Devices Announces the Space Spiral Delay

Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral DelayEarthquaker Devices has launched the Space Spiral Modulated Delay, which they describe as an analog-voiced digital delay. The stompbox offers 30ms to 600ms of delay time with a variable waveshape LFO that affects the repeated signal.

“[The Space Spiral] is a dark and dreamy modulated delay designed to take you across the highways of fantasy. If you are a fan of old oil can delays or well-loved tape delays, the Space Spiral is totally going to tickle your tone bone.”

The LFO can be shaped from a “soothing triangle” to “choppy square” waveforms and has Depth and Rate controls to create “unique polyrhythmic modulated delay textures.” It’s available now with a street price of $195.

Space Spiral Delay Features:

30ms – 600ms analog-voiced digital delay
Variable waveshape LFO affecting delay repeats
Silent soft-touch switching
All-analog dry signal path
All-digital wet signal path
Lifetime guarantee
Built by hand in Akron, Ohio

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