Joyo Audio Releases the Iron Loop Looper Pedal

Joyo Iron Loop Looper PedalLoopers have a new option from Joyo called the Iron Loop. The digital phrase looper features a stripped back design with a single footswitch and a single level knob. Pressing the footswitch will toggle recording and playback modes to layer loops, while a ring around the level control shows the length of your recorded loop.

As part of the company’s Ironman series, it has a knob guard to protect your settings. It has a max recording time of 20 minutes at 44.1 kHz sampling and 16-bit resolution.

The Joyo Iron Loop is available with a street price of $75.

Joyo Iron Loop Looper Pedal Features:

Maximum recording time: 20 minutes
Sampling frequency: 44.1KHz
Resolution: 16bit

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