Miura Guitars Introduces the M2 Compressor/Limiter

Miura Guitars M2 Compressor/LimiterMiura Guitars has gotten into the pedal business with the M2 Compressor/Limiter. The pedal has Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Level controls for dialing in the right amount of compression.

It has two LEDs: one to show the status as on or off, and one to indicate how strong the compressor is in effect. The Ratio knob can be turned to the left for a loose compression or all the way clockwise for a limiter effect. Its Attack control has a max speed of 220 ?sec, while turning it all the way clockwise offers 100 msec.

The Miura M2 Compressor/Limiter will be available with a retail price of $280.

Check out this clip of Anthony Crawford giving the pedal a rundown:

Miura Guitars M2 Compressor/Limiter Specs:

Input impedance: 1M?
Output impedance: 1K?
Current Consumption: approx. 230mA ATTACK time: 220?sec ~ 100msec RELEASE time: fixed to 22msec
Power: DC9V (center negative)

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