Rainger FX Introduces Dr. Freakenstein Dwarf Bass Distortion

Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Dwarf Bass DistortionLondon’s Rainger FX has introduced the Dr. Freakenstein Dwarf Bass Distortion, a compact pedal with some cool features. Its distortion is controlled with a large overtone knob to dial in different tones, but it can also be affected by the Igor pressure pad controller for real-time expression.

The bottom of the pedal has an LFO button that modulates the overtone in a “slow, spacey way.” Activating the LFO switches the Igor pad to controlling the speed of the modulation. Its speed is displayed via LED brightness.

“As part of how the distortion circuit works, the Dwarf Bass has an impressive fixed-setting noise gate built-in, creating dead silence between notes (which is very unusual for a distortion effect!),” Rainger FX writes. “It also has a ‘mix’ button, which changes the sound from all fuzz, to about two-thirds fuzz/one-third clean, and inside there’s an ‘active/passive’ switch making the Dwarf Bass usable for all kinds of instruments.”

Check out this demo:

The Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Dwarf Bass Distortion is available for approximately $147.

Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Dwarf Bass Distortion Features:

Harmonic Overtones Controlled by Knob, LFO, or Igor Foot-Controlled Pressure Pad
Igor Also Changes Modulation Speed
Volume Thumbwheel
Built-In Noise Gate – Totally Silent Between Notes
Mix Button for Blending in Clean Signal
Active/Passive Switch
Led Display Shows Lfo Speed and Igor Action
Custom-Designed Steel Enclosure
All Sockets on Top End Panel
True Bypass Footswitching

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