Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (April 2017)

Time for some fun – aka the top 10 reader favorite videos on No Treble.

Here are the most watched videos for the month of April, 2017. Thanks as always for watching, commenting and sharing.


Yes with Geddy Lee: Roundabout, Live

1. Yes with Geddy Lee: Roundabout, Live

There were rumors flying that Rush bassist Geddy Lee would be filling in for the late Chris Squire at Yes’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Luckily, the rumors were true. Though this fan-shot clip is a little muddy, it captures the historic moment and its excitement…

Justin Chancellor: How to Play Tool’s “Aenima”

2. Justin Chancellor: How to Play Tool’s “Aenima”

Tool’s music has lots of great qualities, but we all know the bass lines are always the best. Luckily, bassist Justin Chancellor sat down with France’s Bassiste Magazine to show how to play the classic track “Aenima.” He also talks about how the beat works to help you feel it out…

Black Mamba: Tom Sawyer

3. Black Mamba: Tom Sawyer

Black Mamba is a trio consisting of bassist Cecilia Nappo, guitarist/vocalist Irma Mirtilla and drummer Federico Maragoni. They just shared their videos with us, including this one of their cover of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.” I love how they decided to remake it in their own style…

Snarky Puppy with Esperanza Spalding: Grown Folks

4. Snarky Puppy with Esperanza Spalding: Grown Folks

Although this is a fan-shot video, it’s too good to pass up. Snarky Puppy and Esperanza Spalding both performed at the GroundUP Festival earlier this year. Spalding joined Michael League and the crew for their song “Grown Folks”. The bassists trade off on playing the bass line with Spalding taking an unbelievable vocal solo…

MonoNeon: Miles Beyond, Live

5. MonoNeon: Miles Beyond, Live

MonoNeon’s playing never ceases to amaze me, and this clip of him covering a Mahavishnu Orchestra song is why. The bassist grooves hard on the song “Miles Beyond” in this video from a concert in Memphis, Tennessee. As always, MonoNeon puts his own spin on it with an incredible solo…

Miët: Blame

6. Miët: Blame

Miët is a one-woman group that utilizes a bass, an amp, and a pedalboard. When you listen, it sounds like a lot more than that. French bassist Suzy LeVoid melds pop melodies with rock noise that her label describes as “offering an electric and introspective set.” Buckle up…

Bobaflex: Hey You

7. Bobaflex: Hey You

No Treble reader Jymmy Tolland sent us this video of his band Bobaflex covering Pink Floyd’s “Hey You.” “I wrote and rewrote for days trying do do both Water’s and Gilmour’s bass parts justice on our version without being a total style biter,” he shared…

Royal Blood: Lights Out

8. Royal Blood: Lights Out

It has been a while since we’ve featured a video by the duo known as Royal Blood. Bassist Mike Kerr (who also handles keyboards and vocals) and drummer Ben Thatcher have released their video for “Lights Out,” which is appearing on their upcoming album, “How Did We Get So Dark?”…

Allan Holdsworth: Devil Takes The Hindmost

9. Allan Holdsworth: Devil Takes The Hindmost

In 1985, my best friend shared Allan Holdsworth’s Metal Fatigue album with me. We both nearly wore out the vinyl, and I became an instant fan of his work – picking up his subsequent albums over the following years. I was devastated to learn of his passing and went back to many of those albums – and some videos…

Vulfpeck: Cory Wong

10. Vulfpeck: Cory Wong

What better way to end a week than with some funky goodness from Vulfpeck? Joe Dart gets down on this one. And “Woody smiles. A common reaction to a great bass fill”…

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