Matthews Effects Announces The Alchemist

Matthews Effects The Alchemist PedalMatthews Effects has released the Alchemist, a pedal that allows you to split a mono signal or to sum a stereo signal to mono. It does so by utilizing a pair of independent buffers that also help to restore high-end frequency loss from pedalboards and cables.

The Alchemist has two inputs and two outputs. Using just one set of each will allow you to use the unit as a buffer to maintain your tone. Leaving the black input unplugged will automatically split your signal into an always-on tuner or create a parallel mono signal path. Leaving the black output unplugged sums your stereo inputs into the red output.

The Matthews Effects Alchemist is available now with a street price of $89.95.

Matthews Effects The Alchemist Pedal Features:

Dual Independent Buffers
Power requirement: 9-18v (50 mA)
Dimensions: 3.64″ x 1.16″ x 1.25″

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