Bass of the Week: Bogart Bass Sport V Headless

Bogart Bass Sport V Headless Bass

This week we’re checking out a slick headless, five-string version of the Bogart Bass Sport model. Built for Michael Klöckner, the bass is a modified version of their already lightweight Sport, which features a carbon fiber neck and an interesting body design. It’s a Blackstone synthetic body shell that is injected with a light weight filling foam.

This particular bass is nicknamed the “Schwarzbunter” for its unique black and white matte finish. Besides the headless system, the bass is also upgraded with a pair of Bartolini MM5C pickups as well as a Bartolini NTMB-3 preamp with switchable mids. “[It’s] pretty much the most versatile thing I can offer,” Bogart writes.

Bogart Bass Sport V Headless Bass Specs:

Body:Blackstone Synthetic
Neck:SKC Vacuum Carbon Fiber
Pickups:Bartolini MM5C
Electronics:Bartolini NTMB-3

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