F-Pedals Announces the PunQmonk Envelope Filter

F-Pedals PunQmonk Envelope FilterF-Pedals has introduced the PunQmonk, a classic dynamic envelope filter they say is inspired by and dedicated to Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea.

The compact stompbox is pared down to a switch to toggle between two frequency range modes (OM and HUM) and a potentiometer for setting the filter response.

It also has a jack for plugging in their FXPTM external expression foot control pedal that can be used to adjust the filter sensitivity on the fly. The F-Pedals PunQmonk is powered by a standard 9V DC supply.

It’s available for pre-order with a direct price of $139.

F-Pedals PunQmonk Envelope Filter Features:

2-Way Frequency Range Switch
“Mantratone” Filter Response Control
Built in Led Light to Show the On/Off Status
Standard 9V Dc Supply Power

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