Me and Maria: Hvor kærligheden vugges

We’re big fans of the bass and vocal duo Me and Maria.

Bassist Johannes Pehrson sent us this video of their latest work. For “Hvor kærligheden vugges” (translated: “Where Love is Cradled”), Johannes switched to piccolo bass.

“When [we’re] playing live, we perform as a duo with only bass and vocals. Although all of our songs are in the same style, they do not all have the same sound. It’s a challenge to find ways to make them all a little bit different. That’s why I incorporated some harmonics (played with the thumb and middle finger) in the verses in this particular song,” Johannes shared.

“The bass is a Warwick Streamer from 1991 and it is set up with piccolo strings. It’s recorded directly into my computer without an amp. The only effects I’m using is some reverb and delay.”

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