Nordstrand Audio Introduces the Power Blade Pickup

Nordstrand Audio Power Blade Pickup

Nordstrand Audio has expanded their P-style pickups with the Power Blade. The pickup is built with a thick steel blade, optimized wind, and ceramic magnets that the company says provide an authoritative low-end punch.

“With half of its tonal DNA being derived from the classic P design, its character is inherently reminiscent of that hard-hitting P bass vigor we all love, only with a bit more girth in its low-end and translucent flow in its highs which works to facilitate the impressive character that is all its own,” Nordstrand says.

The Power Blade is a drop-in replacement for a P-bass pickup and is designed, tested, and built in Nordstrand’s Redlands, California shop. They are available now with street prices starting at $128.

Nordstrand Audio Power Blade Pickup Features:

Hum canceling split coil 4 string precision-type bass pickup.
Thick steel blade
No worries about string spacing
Drop-in replacement P-bass pickup
Ceramic magnets
Available in black plastic covers
Laser cut bobbins

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