Bass of the Week: Lairat Basses Stega Gold

Paul Lairat Stega Gold Bass

This week we’re checking out a bass fit for Goldfinger himself. French luthier Paul Lairat went all out on the Stega Gold, which is part of his “Outstanding Basses” range and limited to 10 pieces. The bass is a decadent version of his Stega model that is built with maple and fully covered in gold leaf.

The Paul Lairat Stega Gold is handcrafted in France and can be made with four, five, or six strings. Lairat puts a high-gloss finish on the bass to protect the gold, which covers almost every inch of the instrument. The only things that aren’t gold are the black Gotoh tuners, the ABM bridge, and the DR Black Beauty Strings. The electronics include a pair of Delano Xtender quadcoil pickups matched to a John East preamp.

Paul Lairat Stega Gold Bass Specs:

Strings:4, 5, or 6
Pickups:Delano Xtender Quad Coil
Electronics:John East Preamp
Strings:DR Strings Black Beauty
Finish:Gold Leaf

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