John Ferrara: Song For Ramida

John Ferrara has been wowing us with his killer bass playing in his trio Consider the Source, but now he’s stepping out with a new solo project. The first piece available is “Song for Ramida,” named for his god daughter.

“It’s my first solo venture outside of Consider the Source,” he explains. “My main interest has always been treating the bass like other instruments, making it function as a guitar, piano, percussion instrument or voice. In my new project which is part solo and part duo, the bass takes on a bunch of different roles utilizing different techniques, effects and custom midi foot pedals. I’ll be releasing more videos in the near future that feature all of those things but this video is just me and my bass.”

The song is a musical tour de force with beautiful melodies and harmonies tapped out on the bass. You can download the track for free or name your price through his website or Bandcamp. Half of the proceeds will go to my his god daughter Ramida’s college fund.

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