Dean Markley Renews SR2000 Bass Strings

Dean Markley SR2000 Bass StringsDean Markley has unveiled a renewed design of their SR2000 bass strings. The set is described as providing a “big, meaty bass tone” thanks to their construction.

“The first thing that sets a Dean Markley string apart from any other manufacturer is the tension in which that core wire is held during the winding process. The second thing that sets these strings apart is the compound winding. With the exception of strings smaller than .050, all of the Dean Markley bass strings are made with compound winding in smaller incremental sizes of premium-quality wire. The winding directions are reversed between layers to cross-hatch the covers, making the string smoother.”

They also use smaller incremental wire for the wraps, which allows for more layers and thus more mass. The SR2000 comes in Light, Medium Light, Medium Custom, or Medium gauges for four, five, and six string basses. They also offer a seven-string set in Medium Custom.

Dean Markley’s SR2000 Bass Strings are available now with list prices starting at $24.99.

Dean Markley SR2000 Bass Strings Features:

4, 5, 6, or 7 string sets
Light, Medium Light, Medium Custom, or Medium Gauges

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