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Zander Zon: Inception’s “Time”

Zander Zon is a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, especially his collaborations with Christopher Nolan on movies. Inception is one of them, as well as Interstellar (check out his Interstellar Medley video we shared last month).

So Zander took on a big project: creating his own special arrangement of “Time” from Inception using bass, cello, samples, and more.

“In addition to what you see performed in the video, I sampled some percussion, recorded additional layering, had some lovely violin and keyboard samples given to me by my chums, Jessica and Katie, and then created a track to perform on top of,” Zander shares. “I’ve never made a video like this, but the combination of sampling and performance is a fun concept and I really enjoyed expanding my creative repertoire a bit.”

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