Massive FX Introduces the Hypnotik Fuzz Pedal

Massive FX Hypnotik Fuzz PedalMassive FX Pedals has released the Hypnotik Fuzz, a hand-wired super heavy fuzz that is suited for both bass and guitar.

The unit has knobs for Master Volume and Fuzz Level as well as a two-position switch that toggles between two modes.

Classic Fuzz mode is described as a vintage tone with a thinner, “trebly” sound. The second mode is the Mid Scoop, which cuts at 1kHz for “a more pronounced bass and treble fuzz tone and a bit more metallic. Mid Scoop gives an increased low end for a heavier tone and a more defined top end treble,” Massive writes.

The Massive FX Hypnotik Fuzz is available now for $199.

Massive FX Hypnotik Fuzz Pedal Features:

Master Volume
Fuzz Level
Two Modes: Classic Fuzz and Mid Scoop
Dimensions: 3 5/8 W x 4 5/8 H x 2″ D
Power: 9-volt Battery or 9V DC Center Negative Supply

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