G&H Plugs Introduces GreyBLES: Expressionz Cables

G&H Plugs GreyBLES Expressionz CablesG&H Plugs has unveiled the GreyBLES: Expressionz line of cables. Described as having an “expressive sound that’s highly responsive,” the cables are a mix of traditional and modern design.

“This cable has been traditionally designed with soldered sound technology, minimizing signal loss and distortion as sound passes through the plugs copper core into the copper core of the cable,” the company writes. “The nearly indestructible solid brass housing protects the plugs through some seriously heavy use.”

The GreyBLES Expressionz comes in three lengths – 10-foot, 15-foot, and 20-foot – with retail prices ranging from $49.99 to $69.99.

G&H Plugs GreyBLES Expressionz Cables Features:

Soldered Sound Technology
Copper Core Conductivity
Solid Brass Housing
Available in 10’ - 15’ - 20’ Lengths

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