GHS Strings Announces Pressurewound Bronze Bass Strings

GHS Pressurewound Bronze Bass StringsGHS Strings has introduced a new line of strings called the Pressurewound Bronze Bass for acoustic/electric bass. The newly designed strings aim at eliminating harsh tones associated with bronze strings.

“Many acoustic/electric bass players know that the traditional bronze strings that come standard on these basses have harsh overtones and a lot of string noise,” the company writes. “GHS created the Pressurewound Bronze bass strings to tackle these issues. By roller winding the final bronze cover, the string noise is eliminated, leaving you that sparkling acoustic bronze tone without anything extra.”

The new strings are created similarly to GHS’s Balanced Nickel sets with each string having two covers wound over a round core. This design, they explain, allows for using them on electric bass as well. Check out this demo from Jonathan Moody:

The GHS Pressurewound Bronze strings come in four-string sets in a light gauge. A single .120 gauge string is available for 5-stringers. A price point has not been announced.

GHS Pressurewound Bronze Bass String Details:

Gauges: Light (42-92)
Set: 4-string, B-string available separately
Dual Cover Design
Round Core

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