Fredric Effects Introduces The BugCrusher

Fredric Effects BugCrusher PedalLondon’s Fredric Effects has expanded their tonal palette with the BugCrusher, an analog sample rate reducer that produces an aliasing effect. Although its name makes it sound like it is a BitCrusher, Fredric writes that’s not the case.

“Despite the name, the BugCrusher is not an actual BitCrusher. Most BitCrusher effects will have sample rate (x-axis quantization) and bit depth (y-axis quantization) and are typically digital in nature.”

Pedal creator Tom Bugs adds that “Back when I was making BugCrushers, they were well liked for processing synths & drum machines, but the effect also has found favor with bassists as the low frequencies can pass through cleanly while the highs are crunched.”

The Fredric Effects BugCrusher is available now for $160.

Fredric Effects BugCrusher Pedal Features:

Analog Sample Rate Reducer
Balance and Rate Controls
Power: Boss-type 9V DC Jack or 9V Battery

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