Best of 2017: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Pedals & Effects

There was some big news in the world of bass pedals and effects in 2017. These 10 stories were the reader favorites among the many new pedals and effects released this year.

Geddy Lee Teams with Tech 21 for Signature SansAmp GED-2112

1. Tech 21 Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp GED-2112

If you got to catch Rush in the past twenty years, you would have seen Geddy Lee on stage with household appliances in lieu of a bass amp. Going direct means relying on preamps for his sound, and now he’s helped to create a signature SansAmp with Tech 21…

Tech 21 Introduces the Q/Strip

2. Tech 21 Q/Strip

Tech 21 unveiled the Q/Strip as part of their display at the 2017 NAMM Show. Developed in a DI format, the device acts as a preamp and direct box with the features of a recording console strip from the ’60s and ’70s…

Zoom Introduces B3n Multi-Effects Processor

3. Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Processor

Zoom revealed their latest bass product at the Winter NAMM Show with the B3n, a multi-effects processor that can model individual effects or chains of effects plus amps and cabs. It’s pre-loaded with 67 stompbox DSP effects…

OnkartGromt Introduces the Grompressor Pedal

4. OnkartGromt Grompressor Pedal

Norway’s OnkartGromt has released a new compressor called the Grompressor, which the company describes as an advanced compressor that is very useful for bassists. “With options to control Input Level, Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio, and Output Gain it is almost like a plugin in a DAW,” says pedal builder Øyvind Mjanger…

Boss Introduces the GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

5. Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

Boss has expanded their line of multi-effects units with the GT-1B Bass Effects Processor. Utilizing the company’s Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), the GT-1B features 90 unique effects, 13 preamp types, and a dedicated looper…

Trace Elliot Announces the Transit B Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal

6. Trace Elliot Transit B Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal

Along with the launch of their micro ELF bass amp at the NAMM Show this year, Trace Elliot returned with the Transit B Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal. The versatile preamp offers a host of controls with a pre-shape to dial in the classic Trace Elliot EQ curve, a dual-band compressor, a drive section…

Electro-Harmonix Introduces The Platform

7. Electro-Harmonix’s The Platform

Electro-Harmonix has released The Platform, a stereo compressor/limiter that includes an overdrive section as well as a volume swell function. Suited for guitar or bass, the stereo pedal has a full compressor control set including Volume, Attack, Release, Sustain, and Hard or Soft Knee buttons…

Pigtronix Announces Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer

8. Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer

Pigtronix has expanded their other-worldly effects lineup with the Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer. Building on the original Mothership, the new pedal packs tons of features into a smaller footprint. It has five dual-concentric potentiometers and two toggle switches…

Electro Harmonix Unveils SYNTH9 Pedal

9. Electro Harmonix SYNTH9 Pedal

Electro Harmonix has expanded their line of synthesizer pedals with the SYNTH9. Suited for bass and guitar, the stompbox emulates classic electronic synthesizers with nine settings: OBX, Profit V, Vibe Synth, Mini Mood, EHX Mini, Solo Synth, Mood Bass, String Synth, and Poly VI…

Mu-FX Unveils the Micro-Tron III Envelope Filter

10. Mu-FX Micro-Tron III Envelope Filter

Mu-FX has expanded their pedal line with a new compact pedal. The Micro-Tron III is described as “a compact, convenient, and affordable” version of the classic Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron III envelope filter, which was originally introduced in the 1972…

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