Janek Gwizdala Publishes “All The Better Stuff” Instructional Book

All The Better Stuff by Janek GwizdalaJanek Gwizdala has just published the follow up to 2014’s All The Good Stuff instructional book with a release called All The Better Stuff. Crammed with exercises and lessons for electric bass, the new book is a continuation of the bassist’s dive into his approach to practice.

“The entire purpose of this and all of the books I write is to shed some light on my process as a musician,” he writes. “‘All the Better Stuff’ picks up where ‘All the Good Stuff’ left off, and really gets inside my daily routine. When you want good technique, when you want to improve your playing and open up more musical possibilities for yourself, there’s nowhere to hide when it comes to doing the work. This book can act as a guide to help you understand what is necessary to refine your learning process, and get the most out of your music.”

The package includes an eBook and a digital DVD download that features all of the musical examples from the book. Each of the examples is written out in TAB, Bass clef and treble clef. All The Better Stuff is available now for download through Gwizdala’s website, while a paperback version is available through Amazon.

All The Better Stuff Sample Material:

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