Mattoverse Electronics Announces The TetraStep MkII

Mattoverse Electronics TetraStep MKIIMattoverse Electronics has released the TetraStep MkII, an updated version of their four-step square wave sequencer. It has four pitch controllable steps with on/off buttons for each step. Users can adjust the rate, tone, pitch, and volume of each step.

The MkII version adds a slew of new features including a Tap Temp footswitch, Sync In and Out functionality, illuminated on/off buttons for each step, a rate multiplier switch, and a glide effect. “While the pedal can be used with guitar and bass, it also works great with synths and drum machines as a desktop unit,” the company writes. Check out this overview for a taste of what it can do:

The Mattoverse Electronics TetraStep MKII will be available direct in limited quantities for $219.

Mattoverse Electronics TetraStep MKII Features:

Tap Tempo
Sync In (0-20v) & Sync Out (0-5v)
Illuminated on/off button for each step
Rate Multiplier Switch
Glide Effect
Higher Volume Square Wave Output
9V DC Powered - Standard Center-Pin Negative DC Jack
Enclosure Dimension - 5.62″ x 4.62″ x 1.56″

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