Tech 21 Introduces the VT Bass 200 Combo Amp

Tech 21 VT Bass 200 Combo AmpTech 21 has packaged their SansAmp preamp with a Class D power amp and 12-inch driver to create the VT Bass 200 Combo Amp. The rear-ported 200-watt amp is described as lightweight, portable, and offering both vintage and modern bass tones.

“Like its pedal predecessors in the SansAmp Character Series, it has a unique, continuously-variable Character control that moves seamlessly between decades of different voicings,” the company writes. “It alters the entire sonic structure of the sound to achieve some of the most distinctive bass amp tones on the planet. To offer an even wider range of bass amp styles than those in the “VT” family, there’s a Shift button to alter the frequencies within the Character circuitry. This flexibility brings an additional crop of distinctive bass amp tones to the table.”

The VT 200 also has a drive section with a Bite switch for extra definition in your distorted signal. Other features include a defeatable tweeter, an XLR output with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation technology, a three-band EQ with switchable mids, an auxiliary input, a headphone output, and a -12dB input pad. It was debuted at the NAMM show and will carry a street price of $499.

Tech 21 VT Bass 200 Combo Amp Features:

Active tone controls, cut or boost 18dB, with switchable mid frequency (500Hz-1kHz)
Piezo-friendly 1/4″ high impedance 4.7 Meg-Ohm input with -10dB Pad switch
Balanced XLR direct output with -20dB pad and ground lift switch
Effect Loop with bypass switch to double as a mute
-12dB input pad
Dedicated, studio-grade 1/4″ headphone output
Dedicated, studio-grade 1/4″ auxiliary input for audio devices
12″ custom-design speaker
Extension speaker output
Tweeter with defeat switch
Rear vented
Worldwide power supply
Measures: 17.5″w x 17.5″h x 14″d
Weight: 28 lbs.

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