Original Smashing Pumpkins Announce Reunion, No Bassist Named

Original Smashing Pumpkins

The original members of the Smashing Pumpkins are reuniting, and of course, it wouldn’t be The Smashing Pumpkins without some drama. Bassist D’Arcy Wretzky will apparently not be joining the tour.

“My apologies to all of the Smashing Pumpkins fans out there who are excited about this oncoming reunion tour of the original members of the band,” she wrote on Instagram. “I know this is a huge disappointment for me, as well, but it’s not going to happen [with me]. I only just found about yesterday that the band has decided to go with a different bass player.”

The identity of that bass player has yet to be revealed. A leaked band photo showed members Billy Corgan, Jeff Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder with many speculating that Corgan or Schroeder would fill the bass role. However, Corgan went on his own Instagram rant to squash the rumors and downplay Wretzky’s contributions to the band.

“Saturday, I was high in the hills of Topanga, overlooking the ocean on a beautiful sunny day, and according to some reports (based on photos taken or leaked) I am now a bassist,” he began. “I mean, yes, I have played bass on many of your fave songs but I’m not sure I can play bass AND sing at the same time? But perhaps I can try *someday*. Other reports have [Jeff Schroeder] (who just celebrated a birthday) as a budding bassist. Which is interesting, because though Jeff doesn’t mind plucking at 4 strings if needed I know he would much prefer the dulcet tones of 6 (but I have heard him confess that 7 strings is just ‘too much’) [James Iha] on the other hand, well, I haven’t seen him pick up a bass since Machina (which he played a fair share on, despite reports claiming a certain ‘flaxen Saxxon’ did; and as you know with much that is written is patently f-a-l-s-e).”

We’ll keep you updated as details come to light.

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