Sadowsky Guitars Launches Re-engineered Blue Label Flatwound Strings

Sadowsky Guitars has re-engineered their line of flatwound strings including their sets for bass guitar. The new Blue Label Flatwound strings, which come in four and five-string sets, are described as “superb for fretless basses or that classic Motown sound.”

“Our challenge was to create a string with a true vintage tone and feel that retains a strong fundamental to sit well in the mix,” Roger Sadowsky explains. “Consistency has historically been an issue with all flatwound strings, with sets containing a high frequency of defective strings. Significantly improved consistency was a priority of our new design, especially given the cost and longevity of flatwound strings.”

The Sadowsky Blue Label Flatwound strings are available now. The four-string bass set comes in 40-100 and 45-105 gauges for $48-$50 and the five-string bass set comes in 40-125T and 45-130T gauges for $67-$72.

Sadowsky Blue Label Flatwound Bass String Gauges:

4 String Light:40-60-80-100
4 String Standard:45-65-85-105
5 String Light:40-60-80-100-125T
5 String Standard:45-65-85-105-130T

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