Groove – Episode #40: Chris Wood

Chris Wood

Photo by Richard Burke

Wikipedia can be funny sometimes. When you look for Chris Wood, he is listed as a “jazz musician” (this happens when there are multiple people with the same name).

I wonder if Wood considers himself a jazz musician? Most know him as a founder, experimental player and musician visionary within the band Medeski Martin & Wood. Others may know him as the roots folk Americana bass player for the Wood Brothers (the band’s latest, One Drop of Truth was recently released).

Wood is, without a doubt, one of the more complex players to actually label. The sounds and compositions that he has recorded over his astonishing career are hard to really pin down. From double bass to electric. From using a drumstick as a slide on his standup, or inserting music notation paper behind the strings to create a “snare bass” soundscape, everything he does feels different and new… but still the bass.

He’s a personal favorite and inspiration to me, so it was a true honor to celebrate this 40th episode milestone of Groove – The No Treble Podcast with the one and only Chris Wood.

Enjoy the conversation…

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